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Term and condition of use

Thank you for using the Yamaki Co.,Ltd. website (referred to herein as "this website").
Please follow the following rules when using The Website.

  1. Regarding the copyright

    The copyright for all information displayed on this website (all text, animated images, sound, photos, static images, and created or edited content) is possessed by Yamaki Co.,Ltd. or the content proprietor. Acts such as using, reproducing, replicating, redistributing, republishing, selling, or lending this content without the expressed permission of the copyright owner are considered illegal acts such as copyright infringement under laws such as copyright laws. Also, regarding trademark registered items, the above actions may be considered trademark infringement.
  2. Links from This Website

    Yamaki Co.,Ltd. bares no liability for the contents of sites linked to from this website, and also bares no liability for any and all damages that occur from such contents.
  3. Links to This Website

    When linking to this website, please link to the home page of the website. Furthermore, links from the following type of websites are not accepted.
    (1)Websites which include content that slanders or was created with the intent to damage the reliability of Yamaki Co.,Ltd. or a third party.
    (2)Websites created with the intent to infringe upon the copyrighted or trademarked intellectual property of Yamaki Co.,Ltd. or a third party.
    (3)Websites which aim to conduct commercial transactions by linking to this website and displaying its contents.
  4. Exception Clause

    Yamaki Co.,Ltd. may alter, suspend, or discontinue the information on this website at any time without prior notice. Furthermore, Yamaki Co.,Ltd. bares no liability for any and all damages generated from the usage of this site. Also, though Yamaki Co.,Ltd. endeavors to check the information listed on this site from all possible angles, we bare no liability for the usability, accuracy, and safety of this information in its usage (occurrences of errors, etc., normal operation of individual functions, revision in the case that a problem occurs, invasion of computer viruses or other destructive substances from this website or the server, etc.).